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Chandrika is a Danish company that sells quality jewelery and durable and 
anti-allergy jewellery, everything is surgical steel/stainless steel or silver,
so that everyone can tolerate our jewellery. We strive for our jewelery to be of good quality, this means that 95% of our
jewelery is waterproof jewellery. QUALITY: STEEL: Steel is an alloy of iron with carbon and is used for several purposes.
There are many types of steel. It is particularly widespread to use steel for the production of jewelery
and watches, where it is important that it is stainless steel of good quality. Steel can be painted black or gold-plated. In the case of watches, this most
often happens with a PVD treatment/IP coating, which makes the steel resistant
to scratches. The piece of jewelery can also achieve a nice exterior by doing so.
With PVD/IP gilding, real gold is not typically used, but 'coating', which looks
confusingly like gold. However, this treatment is typically more expensive than
ordinary gilding, because it technically requires more and lasts longer.
Also called electroplating. The steel jewelry can withstand water, the pool, exercise, BUT you must be
aware that acid in your own sweat can destroy any piece of jewelry.
So if you have a lot of acid in your sweat, the jewelry will not have
the same lifespan as people who don't have that much acid in their sweat.
(men have more acid than women, and some men more than others) PEARLS AND PRECIOUS STONES We source both jewellery/precious stones and pearls from Asia, including India,
Thailand and Sri Lanka The gems we have are natural gems. GOLDFILLED JEWELRY/GOLD-FILLED What is gold filled jewelry? Gold-filled jewelery has an extremely long life, it is a thick gold
coating on jewellery, with a core of copper. This piece of jewelery has 8 times thicker coating than ordinary coated jewellery. These pieces of jewelery are very rarely found in Denmark, but are quite common
in Asia. You make an 8 times thicker coating, also called electroplating, as it lasts
much longer than a normal coated piece of jewelery These pieces of jewelery have also received PVD
treatment/IP coating/coating/electroplating to keep the gold colour.


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